About the collection


Untitled-1The BPE Bartolomé J. Gallardo Zine Library is an ever-growing collection of (fan)zines created with the intention of educate, inspire and open up the world of zines for readers and creators in Extremadura and everywhere. Over the next months we hope to build up a small, but representative, collection with zines donated to the Public Library by collectors and editors and those specially purchased for the Zine Library from bookstores, zine distributors and editors.

Fanzine is making a reinascense in the face of digital culture. Even morphing into new kinds of communication, with diverse audiences. intentions or motivations, we think that these artefacts are still filling the crucial, cultural, artistic and even political roles that they had in the last decades. We are also sure they are still a prominent medium of alternative communication, a learning tool and an artefact of artistic experimentation that reflects the diversity of thoughs and specially the talent that exists beyond the conventional publishing and artistic market.


Photo: Alberto Palacios

Those are some of the reasons why these self-produced publications should be collected, catalogued and promoted by a Public Library as ours. Our aim to do is through this public collection of zines, conducting related workshops at our library and, finally, by holdings events that promote zines as a method of alternative communication and artistic experimentation.

Our Zine Library is also a Reading Room located on the first floor of the building. We hope this Autum it will be opened  to visits from the general public during library hours. The collection will be organized according to some of the following broad categories: Art, Minicomics, DIY, Music, Extremadura, Portugal, Perzines, Photography, Politics, Queer/Feminism or Literature.

In the meantime we would like to hear from other zinelibraries, zine makers, readers, collectors, zinefests or anyone who could be interested in our project. Stay updated. This blog will provide information about our collection, our workshops and related activities, as well as information about the world of self-publishing and zines elsewhere. Please read about our project and feel free to write comments too.



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